Live Roulette Game Review

Any casino site will be incomplete if they do not offer Roulette on their casino section. That is because players love to watch the roulette wheel spin and determine the winning numbers. Roulette is actually a French word that means little wheel. Developed by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century by accident, it has been acclaimed as a popular table game since then. You must have come across those players that make their way directly to Roulette as soon as they step into a casino. Want to have some real roulette fun but can’t find a land-based casino? Well, there is good news! Golden Ace Casino features the incredible Live Roulette online by Extreme Live Gaming.

Realism is brought to a new height through this extraordinary variation. Live Roulette is streamed live. Once a player connects with the Live Roulette online, they are presented with high-quality graphics and an ambience of a typical casino. The croupier will greet the player and invite them to play Live Roulette at the table. You may also interact with the Live Dealer Roulette when you play on the table. Converse with the croupier as well as with other players through the chat feature offered. When you are at the Live Roulette table, you can view a racetrack betting section, the sensation roulette wheel that includes 37 pockets. They are numbered zero to 36. Live Roulette Online follows the same gameplay of the classic roulette and as such, you are to determine on which number will the roulette ball stop.

Top Features

  • Live Chat - Chat with players and the dealer alike by typing your statements in the text field. Try it, they will answer!
  • Racetrack Betting Section – Allows you to place bets on key numbers of the section.
  • Zero Number – Compared to Classic Roulette, an additional zero is added for more chances of wins when you play Live Roulette.

How To Play Live Roulette?

Bet Level: A maximum bet amount is fixed on each section you choose to bet on. On total, a maximum of 7500 is allowed. Choose whether you wish to play an inside bet or outside bet and once you are good to go, click the spin button to start the action.

Amount Of Lines: Live Roulette game by Extreme Live Gaming does not include any bet lines since the latter is a table game.

Coin Value: Coins or Chips take values of 1, 5, 25, 100, 500 and 1K on Live Roulette. The chips are selectable on the user interface tab at the bottom screen. Clicking on any of these sample coins will make you activate the coin value. If you click on the betting area for a bet, the current activated chip value will be placed as the bet.

Bonus Round

Unfortunately, Live Roulette Online by Extreme Live Gaming does not have Bonus Rounds. The rounds of roulette take place with the traditional features and options offered. No bonus wins or jackpots are included in the Live Roulette online.

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