French Roulette Gold Game Review

Time to cherish the genuine version of roulette with the French Roulette by Evolution Gaming. In fact, Roulette means little wheel in French. Be prepared to experience the full glamourous splendour of the gorgeous French Roulette table right from the screen of your handy device. Yes, French Roulette is entirely compatible on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Presenting a high quality and consistent gameplay, French Roulette prides on enthralling graphics and exceptional background ambience for a level above of casino amusement. Similar to the European Roulette, the French Roulette table features a zero displayed in green. However, the table setting does not match at all! The sides are oval-shaped and the outside bets are marked with French Words. Worry not, even if you don’t know French, you will still be able to enjoy the extravagance of the French Roulette table game. Compared to other variations of Roulette, French Roulette got something extra! On classic Roulette, you’ll lose all the bets if you did not opt for the winning number but on this grandiose variation, you are awarded half your bets on evens if the winning number is zero! This perk of French Roulette is known as the La Partage Rule!

Other than these marvellous betting options, French Roulette follows the same concept of the classic Roulette. Place your bets and let the wheel increase the tension with a spin. The roulette ball will be hurled into the spinning wheel. The number on which the ball is present at the end, is the winning number!

Top Features

  • La Partage Rule – Rewards half of the even bets if the winning number is zero.
  • Additional Zero Number – An additional number to increase chances of wins.
  • Racetrack For Neighbour Bets – Allow players to make Neighbour Bets.

How To Play French Roulette?

Bet Level: A maximum value of bets are placed on each betting options. If you opt for popular betting styles of French Roulette like Announced Bets known as “Voisins Du Zero”, you will be able to cover zero and seven numbers from 22 to 25. In addition, One-Third Of The Wheel also known as “Le Tiers Du Cylindre” covers 12 numbers from 27 to 33.

Neighbour Bets can be placed at the French Roulette table. This genre of bet is a 5-number bet that is played exclusively on the Racetrack betting section.

Amount Of Lines: French Roulette does not include any lines in its gameplay.

Coin Value: Players may opt for chips amounting to 2, 5, 25, 100, 500, 1000. Simply navigate through the coin samples at the bottom and click the ones you wish to bet.

Bonus Round

There are no Bonus Rounds on French Roulette by Evolution.

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