European Roulette Game Review

Being one of the most popular variation of the classic Roulette, European Roulette has never ceased to offer a remarkable casino experience. The latter is definitely worth some rounds for anyone that drops by Golden Ace Casino. European Roulette resembles mostly the classic versions but there are indeed some twists that make it so popular.

The European Roulette by Microgaming offers high quality gameplay for each player who play at the table. A Green numbered area representing the play table allows players to place their bets. The European Roulette wheel is on the side of the table, waiting to be spun. Are the numbers on the European Roulette wheel too small to understand? Rest assured, a zoom camera on your bottom left will offer a more detailed view of the winning number. The golden tab at the bottom of the display, offers options to bet, undo your bets, clear them all and to spin the wheel whenever you are ready!

European Roulette is quite simple to play! You are presented with a play table of 36 numbers plus a single zero number, in green. Wager on your favourite numbers or use the diverse betting options like Split Bets, Trio, Street Bets, Corner Bets, Dozen Bets, Black or Red Bets and Even or Odd Bets. Need to go the extra mile? The game includes the Expert Functions so that the players can personalise their gameplays according to their taste. The Expert Feature offers Red Splits, Black Splits and Zero Game options. Once you are done with the betting, a click or tap on the spin button will launch the roulette ball and determine which lucky number will win!

Top Features

  • An additional number, 0, is added on the play table and is represented in green colour.
  • Expert Function for additional betting options like Red Splits, Black Splits and Zero Game.
  • Classic Bet Options: Single, Split, Trio, Street, Corner, Dozens, Black or Red and Even or Odds.

How To Play European Roulette?

Bet Level: On European Roulette, there are bet limits on the betting options you’ve chosen. Single bets have a limit of £15, Split Bets offer £20 as limit, Square Bets £30 and the Dozen Bet allows bets up to £70.

Amount Of Lines: European Roulette does not have any lines during its gameplay.

Coin Value: Players are offered a pool of coins where they can choose the value of their chips. Select between chips amounting to 1, 5, 10 and 25 to place your bets on European Roulette.

Bonus Round

European Roulette does not have any bonus round section. However, it offers the Expert Function where the player can personalise their gameplay according to their taste. The Expert Feature offers Red Splits, Black Splits and Zero Game options.

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