American Roulette Game Review

Get ready to immerse in the thrilling gameplay of American Roulette by NetEnt. This variation of Roulette is undeniably famous for its incredible playing style and bet options. Since American Roulette has known much fame and appreciation by fellow players, Golden Ace Casino resolves in providing this second to none American Roulette table game. Amazing, isn't it?

American Roulette presents a blue play table with numbers reprising their unique red and black patterns. You are offered numbers from 1 to 36 plus additional numbers like 0 and 00 so as to cover all your chances of winning. American Roulette places its Wheel perpendicular to the American Roulette table where players will be able to watch the game. Having difficulties to understand the numbers? Worry no more. A tab on the right side will display the winning number at all times. Once a number is declared the winner, all the betting area that includes the number will be lined with a glow. A completely user-friendly interface is presented. You can adjust the background music at any moment, select visual quality, activate the Auto play option and select the various options of the American Roulette through the user tab offered at the bottom.

Top Features

  • Race Track
  • Additional 0 and 00 Numbers
  • Auto play Feature
  • Classic Roulette Betting Options

How To Play American Roulette?

Bet Level: On American Roulette, each genre of betting on the American Roulette Table features different limitations when it comes to the bet levels. Single bets and Split Bets allow a minimum of £1.00 and a maximum of £20.00. Want to go for the Dozens? A minimum of £1.00 up to £200.00 is allowed. Colour Bets allow £1.00 up to £500.00 just like the Even and Odds Bets and 1-18/19-36 Bets. You can also opt for Row Bets where a minimum of £1 up to £200.00 is allowed. The Race Track feature will allow you to place your bets on different neighbour numbers. The numbers shall carry the same limitations of the single and split bets.

Amount Of Lines: American Roulette does not feature pay lines.

Coin Value: Select between a range of coins to make your bets. American Roulette offers 1, 2, 5, 25, 100 and 500 coins. Navigate through the diverse values by clicking or tapping the left and right arrows by the coin pool in the middle of the user tab.

Bonus Round

American Roulette from NetEnt does not have any Bonus Round.

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