Blackjack Professional Series Game Review

Are you ready to engage in some exciting rounds of Blackjack? No wonder players are loving Golden Ace Casino since the new casino site is presenting the most popular variation of Blackjack. Blackjack Professional Series is extremely fun and promises to bring your casino experience to a whole new level. Created by NetEnt, it is a voyage back to the basics of the card game. Get your scores and try to beat the dealers hand without exceeding 21. That’s the trick!

Professional Blackjack shares the same concept as the classic gameplay. Two cards will be dealt to the players and the dealer. The cards will be revealed starting by the players’ and offer options to either hit, stand, split, double amongst others. If the score of the players’ hand is higher than that of the dealer and does not exceed 21, they are declared the winner. Exceeding 21 will make the players to be busted. Got an ace and a ten? Congrats, that’s the perfect natural hand, also known as a Blackjack!

Top Features

  • Hit - Obtain an additional card in an attempt to increase your scores closer to 21.
  • Stand - Stop any additional card and show that you are good for the showdown.
  • Double - Offers an extra card to complete your main or split hand. Available after you have viewed your two cards.
  • Split - If you get two cards of the same value, you can split them into two hands and double your bets. Resolve to Double to complete the hand.
  • Insurance Bet - Activate the Insurance Bet if you notice the dealer has an ace as first card. If the dealer receives a Blackjack, you are refunded half of your bet amount.
  • Double Jack Side Bet - You can place this bet after you have placed your regular bet. Obtaining a Jack as first card in your main hand or a pair of Jacks as first two cards will make you win the Side Bet.

How To Play Professional Blackjack?

Bet Levels: You are to play one chip at the beginning of each round. Winning the round will award you the wins as well as the Side bets. The maximum value of side bets is the value of the regular bet.

Amount Of Lines: Professional Blackjack is a table and card game and as such, does not include any lines.

Coin Value: You can select between chips that amount to 1, 5 and 10. Choose your chip value on the user interface at the bottom with a click!

Bonus Round

Unfortunately, Professional Blackjack by NetEnt does not have any bonus rounds.

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