Live Blackjack Game Review

Blackjack does not need detailed descriptions since those who have experienced a foretaste of the sublime card game are still craving for more. For players who are not acquainted with Blackjack, you might fall in love with it! You might be always looking for opportunities to drop by a land-based casino to spare few rounds of Blackjack. At Golden Ace Casino, you can immerse in some tantalising casino experience with Live Blackjack that brings entertainment to a whole new level. Tune in the new casino site to explore this majestic vogue of the casino realm!

Live Blackjack by Extreme Live Gaming is undeniably an experienced not to be missed at any cost! As soon as you land on the Live Blackjack online game, you will be stunned to see a live dealer handling the cards. Yes, that’s actually a real person! Live Blackjack is a live streamed round of the card game where a real person takes the role of the dealer. New players joining the table will be greeted and you can click the text field to chat with the dealer. Click on the vacant player slot on the Live Blackjack online tablet to play! Here, the standard gameplay of Blackjack along with its rules are followed. The standard Live Blackjack is played with two cards for each player and the dealer as well. To win, you need to have a card score that is higher than that of the dealer and does not exceed 21. An ace and a ten is known as a Blackjack!

Top Features

  • Live Chat - Play Live Blackjack and use the text field to chat with the live dealer. The chat options can also be used to interact with other players as well.
  • Large Bet Range - High Pay outs are to be expected since the bet ranges are expanded on this Live Blackjack variation.
  • Multiple Camera Feature - Experience the sensory details with this marvellous feature that allows players to view the table at different angles.
  • Standard Game Play And Rules - Live Blackjack follows the same rules of the traditional blackjack game. Players are allowed to Hit, Stand, Double, Split, Place Insurance and Side Bets.

How To Play Live Blackjack?

Bet Level: You are given limitations on the bets with a maximum and minimum amount. Players are allowed to make a minimum bet of £25 climbing to a maximum of £2,500. The tab on the top right-hand side shows the value of bets that can be placed.

Amount Of Lines: Live Blackjack does not feature any pay lines during its gameplay.

Coin Value: A single coin can be played in a round. The coin will amount to the value chosen as the bet.

Bonus Round

Unfortunately, Live Blackjack by Extreme Live Gaming does not have Bonus Rounds.

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