European Blackjack Game Review

Try to play Blackjack the European style! At Golden Ace Casino, those who love to engage in some serious rounds of card games are served the finest variations at any time. Joining the list of exquisite variations is the European Blackjack, an incredible version of Blackjack that is equally sensational and thrilling! Where Blackjack is being spoken of, some extraordinary entertainment is surely to be expected.

Oh Blackjack… A game as old as time… Since centuries, players have been loving this card game and now, Realistic Games have released its own version of Blackjack. European Blackjack is known to offer more chances of wins since the pay-outs follow a ratio of 1:1. Otherwise, the game follows the same concepts and rules of the traditional Blackjack. What genre of rules? Well, Blackjack and European Blackjack alike is played with two hidden cards dealt to the players and the dealer. The cards will be revealed, starting by the player to determine the scores. If the players manage to get scores higher than the dealers, they win the game! Obviously, the win will be declared legit if the players have not exceeded 21 points. A natural hand or Blackjack stands for a hand of ace and a ten or any card awarding ten points.

Why not talk about the points given by each card? Two to ten number cards carry their values while the Kings, Jacks and Queens represent ten points. Aces can either valued at eleven or one point.

Top Features

  • Rebet - Place the bet of the previous round.
  • Hit - Obtain an additional card.
  • Stand - No more cards for you!
  • Split - Split your hands and allow a second wager.

How To Play European Blackjack?

Bet Levels: Levels of Bets are determined by the number of coins you decide to play during the round.

Amount Of Lines: Unfortunately, European Blackjack does not include any pay lines.

Coin Value: On European Roulette, players can select between 1, 5, 25, 100 and 500 as values for their coins. A simple click on the given sample coins on the user interface tab will activate that coin value.

Bonus Round

European Blackjack by Realistic Games has not Bonus Rounds at any point during the gameplay. It follows the standard concept of Blackjack.

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