Classic Blackjack Game Review

Seize the moment and engage in some phenomenal rounds of Classic Blackjack at Golden Ace Casino. This variation of the card game will make you relive the traditional gameplays. Brace yourself and grab a chair on the Classic Blackjack table for a second to none casino entertainment. After all, Blackjack is a key game around all casino sites aiming at ranking themselves as the ultimate gaming site.

Classic Blackjack by NetEnt is set on a traditional green table where players are reunited for the actions. The gameplay follows standard rules of Blackjack. New to this popular card game? You could fancy some basics of the game! Blackjack is played with the dealer. Each player, including the dealer will be dealt two hidden cards. The cards will be revealed, starting by the players’ and in the event a player’s card score is higher than the dealer’s hand, they win the round provided the score does not exceed 21. But why Blackjack? Well, having an ace plus a ten or a face card is known as a natural hand, or commonly as a Blackjack!

Scores are valued according to the cards obtained. From two to ten, the cards carry their face values. Kings, Jacks and Queens are all worth a ten. Aces award one or eleven points; the choice is yours to select the value of the aces you get.

Top Features

  • Hit - An extra card is dealt.
  • Stand - No more cards are to be dealt for you.
  • Insurance Bet - If the dealer has an ace, an insurance bet will refund you half of your bets if the dealer gets a Blackjack.
  • Split - Splits your hand into two if you have initial cards of the same value. A bet of the same amount is to be wagered on the second hand.
  • Rebet - Plays the bet of the previous round.

How To Play Classic Blackjack?

Bet Levels: Levels on Classic Blackjack are from 1 to 40. You will be able to select your coin value and select an area to begin playing.

Amount Of Lines: Classic Blackjack of NetEnt does not use pay lines during its gameplay.

Coin Value: Players that engage on Classic Blackjack can play coins that amount of values of 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100.

Bonus Round

Classic Blackjack goes according to the standard rules of Blackjack. As such, it does not feature any bonus rounds.

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